Why Turf Prophit?

A number of elements are currently impacting the golf market and many are resulting in a stagnant or downward trend in the number of golfers playing the game.

Golf course operations are always looking to improve the bottom line by searching for places to cut costs. Generally speaking, the golf course maintenance budget is often one of the largest line items within operations and is therefore, generally one of the first places reviewed for potential reductions. How do we know where to cut and how much? Unless there is a greater understanding and awareness of the golf course maintenance budget and the value that course maintenance provides to the operation, cuts may often compromise the product and directly impact revenues, the brand or both. By collecting key task data and the resource data associated with these tasks, cuts can be more strategic and be properly synchronized with a specific maintenance standard. In fact, by tracking key costs and taking an event or task based approach, most of our clients are not only in a position to make cuts with some intelligence, but fostering investment becomes more commonplace. In summary, by using the mantra “measure it to manage it”, our current clients consistently see increased approvals for both operational and capital expenditures with the use of key data. Although many view golf course maintenance as an expensive cost sink, in reality, it often drives the largest profit center of most facilities and Turf Prophit assists with reinforcing that concept.

It’s time. Work in the know!

Turf Prophit provides an in-depth look into how the maintenance budget is spent, line item-by-line item and dollar-by-dollar. It enables seamless scheduling and collection of key maintenance inputs, and allows courses to organize and sort each of those inputs within a database for on demand analysis while easing the paper related workload of today’s maintenance departments. It also increases reaction times to budget shifts within the confines of a golfing season and assists with budget development from season to season. In summary, Turf Prophit allows for a more thorough evaluation, deeper understanding and educated consideration during current and future budgeting exercises.

Turf Prophit enables users to:

  1. Customize featured content to fit your golf course’s needs
  2. Collect data at the swipe of a finger using the latest touch technology
  3. Monitor staffing and expenditure efficiencies in real time
  4. Analyze data in Turf Prophit’s Cost Tracker and GreenZone and proactively adapt to the ever changing golf business environment
  5. Schedule shifts and maintenance activities and Forecast for future budgets and expenditures with enhanced accuracy and proactively steer maintenance philosophies now and in the future
  6. Reports are easily exported to Excel for further analysis and or distribution

All within Turf Prophit’s easy to use, cloud based platform!

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