Your best golf course management software option 

Turf Prophit’s cloud based, golf course management software enables a simple and seamless scheduling of maintenance activities, collection of maintenance inputs and operational data and allows superintendents, owners or golf course operators to organize each of those inputs within a database for easy storage and rapid on demand analysis, sorting and reporting. Turf Prophit also offers customizable features so it will fit any operation – 9, 18, 27 or multi course facilities.

Modelled after online banking, Turf Prophit offers a tiered and secure administrative setup that can be customized by you to ensure your golf course maintenance data is maintained in a safe environment. 

Who were our builders?

Turf Prophit was built for golf industry professionals by golf industry professionals. It was created to fulfill a growing demand within the golf course industry and within golf course maintenance departments.

The design, function and programming of Turf Prophit was created and executed by a small group of golf and green industry experts and included participation, guidance and expertise from researchers, architects, owners, general managers, board members, equipment managers and of course, the golf superintendent community across North America and around the world.