Support is just a click away!

Turf Prophit provides online and 1-800 technical and operational support and training services. The Turf Prophit team will assist with all aspects of the initial system setup, configuration and your start up. Additionally, the system in monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and Turf Prophit configurations include secure access, database back up and offline data storage.


1. Are there annual fees associated with Turf Prophit?

A: Yes, after your initial purchase, an annual licensing fee is required to keep your account active and secure and these payments can be made annually or in quarterly installments.

2. Are my records secure and backed up?

A: Turf Prophit’s systems are hosted by one of the premiere service providers in North America with servers globally. Data is stored on multiple devices behind secure firewalls with dynamic and scalable load balancing. System reliability is engineered for 99%.

3. If I have a dial up connection, will Turf Prophit work?

A: Unfortunately, these connections do not possess the speeds required to operate Turf Prophit. Purchasing LTE service for your iPad would provide the best option for system use.

4. How much time will the setup process take?

A: If you prepare all of your key data in advance, set up can take as little as two working days.

5. If the power or internet goes down, is there a secondary protocol for tracking data? Can it be entered at a later date?

A. Yes. Within your resources there are manual data forms that enable staff to write down the details associated with their tasks and enable them (or an administrator) to easily backdate and enter them at a later date. In fact, some of our clients use the paper and enter and backdate the data on a weekly basis. Use Turf Prophit how it best fits your operation. Of note, if power was to go down, all your valuable records are backed up by Turf Prophit.